Budgeting tip: Here’s a simple tip that uses one of your existing household items, that by using, can possibly save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars monthly!!

Use your wallet!!

This habit sounds too simple to make any difference, but the act of sliding dollar bills into your wallet can help bring awareness as to where all of your money is going and where you are spending

Planning ahead for your finances is essential!! We see examples of financial missteps everywhere, especially when we look at some of our community’s highest earners: Celebrities! Moral of the story: Start planning for the long term while you’re young – you never know how soon you might need the money. CELEBRITY FINANCE MISHAPS: EVEN THE RICH NEED A BUDGET! Click here to download your Financial Planning

Last week we gave you 7 do-it-yourself tips! Hope you enjoyed the tips and have already implemented them!! At PLJ we believe a well-rounded life consists of a well-balanced life with proper care for the two most important factors in your life: Your Health & Your Wealth. As promised, below you will find 7 household health remedies for a healthy life that have most likely been hiding under your

They often say, “Small changes can add up to big savings.” We put together a list of 7 easy do-it-yourself financial moves that you simply must take advantage of!

With economic uncertainty all around us, we figured your best strategy for financial health is to control the things you can control.

1. TRIM YOUR WAISTLINE & YOUR INSURANCE PREMIUMS Trim your wallet! According to research done

Big news of the week was the nightmare of the BIG HACK ATTACK! Dun Dun Duuuun! It was actually quite scary, a few government officials and celebrities were hacked and had their personal and confidential financial information posted online! Can you imagine; their social security numbers, credit reports, personal addresses… all posted online for everyone to see! Some of the targeted people were Mel Gibson, Kim Kardashian, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, and Joe