Your Personal Money Diary LiteAs a Personal Money Trainer, I have seen firsthand the importance of knowing what you have, what you need and what your money goals are. When it comes to planning your financial future, it’s essential to know what you have in order to make smart decisions.

While living within your means might not enable you to buy a bigger car, more expensive home or make larger investments right now, it can set you up for financial freedom later in life. This doesn’t necessarily mean big changes have to occur in your current lifestyle but understanding your finances can give you a better idea of what you’ll need down the road. It will also help you understand how taxes and inflation can affect your income and expenses.

✓ The only way to understand your money is to see everything in writing. That’s why we have created Your Personal Money Diary Lite.

✓ Your Personal Money Diary Lite will track your expenses, debt, and even your income. It will allow you to break down what you spend versus what you make and truly understand where your money is going.

✓ Mapping out your yearly expenses, debt, and income can also assist you with prioritizing. Maybe it’s within your means to increase contributions toward retirement investments, or maybe it’s in your best interest to focus on paying off loans first and then tackling savings. Your Personal Money Diary Lite will offer inspiration and guidance every step of the way.

✓ Organizing and understanding your finances can truly offer relief, peace of mind and excitement as you look towards the future. Your Personal Money Diary Lite will guide you through the process of calculating your yearly net income, fixed and flexible expenses, goals and net worth. Taking control of your financial past and present can liberate your financial future.

The Personal Money Diary Lite is a condensed version of our popular Personal Money Diary. Due to its enormous success and the positive feedback from clients, I realized that this was something that could benefit more people. We created the Personal Money Diary Lite to give everyone a head start on planning for the future.

While the Personal Money Diary Lite is a great introductory tool, it’s just the beginning. Our in-depth Personal Money Diary allows you to dig deeper and truly evaluate your finances on a whole new level. For a limited time only, we are offering this amazing tool at 50% off. Our Personal Money Diary tracks expenses, debt and income as well as providing insightful money saving tips at home, on vacation and during the holidays. It also helps  you set financial goals, offering guidance and inspiration for an entire year.


My Yearly Net Income

Understanding your yearly net income can empower you to take control of your spending so you can save responsibly. It will also help you achieve your dreams and all the things you desire in the future. Are you finding it a challenge to pay your fixed expenses on a regular basis? Then maybe you don’t have enough money coming in to pay all your flexible expenses. Calculating your salaries and wages as well as bonuses, interest from investments, and other sources of income can prevent you from going into debt. The key to being debt free is spending within your means and managing your annual income wisely. This is only possible if you determine your financial ceiling.

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My Net Worth

In order to figure out your net worth, you need to identify your assets and your debt. You can use the figure representing what you own and deduct what you owe to determine your net worth (Assets – Liabilities = Net Worth). Because there are so many types of assets (e.g., cash, securities, real estate, etc.) and liabilities (e.g., current bills and various loans), it’s beneficial to outline them and ensure that everything is included for an accurate value of your net worth.

INSTANT ACTION If a bill arrives in the mail, whether it’s a utility bill, credit card bill or insurance, pay it off immediately! Once all the debts are taken care of at the beginning of the month, you have more freedom to spend on the things you want.

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My Approximate Fixed And Flexible Expenses

Expenses are items that are a cost to you. There are two types: fixed and flexible expenses. Fixed expenses are those that typically stay the same over periods of time and only fluctuate slightly if an adjustment occurs. This would include monthly rent or mortgage, car payments, property taxes, utilities and insurance premiums. Flexible expenses are the costs that can be adjusted and sometimes even eliminated from your budget. Examples of these would be luxuries, such as dining out, clothing and other personal items. When determining what falls under which expense, ask yourself whether it’s something you need versus something you want. Calculating your fixed expenses can help you figure out where you could be saving money. Although you can’t change your fixed costs, you can put restrictions and limits on the flexible costs. This will enable you to save and reduce your spending in certain areas, such as entertainment, food (eating out), recreation and gifts. Are you ready to start decreasing those flexible expenses?

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Why use the Money Diary Lite

After countless failed attempts to get my clients, friends, and family to use household budgeters from books I recommend, I decided it was time to create my own. That is how the idea for Your Personal Money Diary began. People told me that most budgeters out there were too complex with too many unnecessary charts that didn’t apply to them. When I brought up these concerns with our firm, they agreed that I should design a money manager more appropriate for our clients. For this project, my goal was to create a simple and functional money diary for anyone to use without needing complicated directions. This has always been the core philosophy of Confidence Wealth & Insurance Solutions. Our firm strongly believes that it’s important to make everything easy and clear for our clients. We want our clients to understand their retirement and how they can achieve their financial goals without the complexities of financial lingo. We hope that you will Your Personal Money Diary Lite to start evaluating your finances and begin thinking about your financial future. The full version of our extremely popular Your Personal Money Diary is also available for purchase on Amazon. It provides financial advice, guidance and inspiration for an entire year and has been an invaluable tool for our clients. We hope it does the same for you. It’s truly amazing how writing down basic information can change your spending habits for the better and enable you to accomplish your goals. It’s similar to dieting. Unless you’re writing down what you eat every day, you’ll never know what you’re doing wrong or right. So let’s get it right together!