When should I take my Social Security out?

It’s very specific to your situation. It’s important that there is no magical number for everybody. To understand when is the best time to take your Social Security out, it’s important to run a Social Security analysis based on your current situation. To request a Social Security analysis, call (310) 824-1000  or click here.

Can I work and collect Social Security?

The short answer is yes. The more in-depth answer is that it would depend on how much you’re making, how old you are and if it’s worth the penalties you pay. In order to figure out if you should collect while you’re working, click here to talk to one of our Social Security specialist or call (310) 824-1000 .

I’m divorced. Am I entitled to his benefits?

When you’re divorced, you can collect either your benefits or 50% of your ex-spouse’s benefits as long that you have not re-married. It also depends on how many years you’ve been married to your spouse. You need to qualify under certain criteria in order to take advantage of these benefits. Set up a quick call with one of our Social Security specialist to see how much you’re entitled to or call (310) 824-1000 .

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Social Security is an important part of your retirement income planning. It’s a piece of your retirement puzzle, just like your IRA and 401(k). Understanding when to take it out and how to maximize your benefits can add thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of income, during your lifetime. Attend one of our Social Security workshops to learn how to maximize your Social Security benefits.

You will learn:

  • Some of the basic elements of Social Security & “Will it be there?”
  • Learning about Medicare & How it works with Social Security
  • Learning how you can possibly Minimize taxation on your Social Security Benefits
  • Deciding on the appropriate time to start receiving benefits
  • Understanding the importance of spousal & survivor benefits